Show Setup

Want your fireworks show to leave your guests awe-struck? With some pre-planning and a little imagination, your show could be the envy of the neighborhood. The right product selection, pre-show line-up and safety precautions will ensure a spectacular and professional looking show.

Pre-Show Setup

  1. Make a site plan. This should include a discharge site and a spectator area. Spectators should be kept a reasonable distance from the launch site. All fireworks should be lit at least 250 feet from any structure.
  2. Choose a discharge site Use fireworks on a hard, level surface in an open area. If you are on grass or gravel, put down a piece of plywood first. Check for dry brush or grass or any objects that could catch fire.
  3. Choose a shooter and a loader. Anyone handling fireworks should be over the age of 18 and not be under the influence of alcohol.
  4. Inspect all fireworks and equipment before your show. Look for any damaged product and read the instructions for every item. This is important for safety as well as performance reasons.
  5. Remove packaging and locate fuses. DON’T remove the fuse covers until you are ready to start your show.
  6. Plan your firing order. Shoot your smallest items first and then move from the ground up. Next, shoot your ground level fountains, spinners, crackers and wheels. Then, add some small rockets, roman candles and winged items.
  7. Build up to your larger items. Use some multi-shot cakes, reloadable shells and large stick rockets with fillers in between. These can be mid-aerials that fill up the sky with sparks.
  8. Work up to your finale. Save your large multi-shot cakes and 500-gram multi-shot cakes for your grand finale. Save your biggest or best item for after the finale and light it while the audience is cheering.
  9. Once you have chosen your shoot order, remove your fireworks from the secure area and line up your fireworks prior to sundown. Place them back in the box and keep them at a safe distance from the shoot site. Keep the box covered at all times with aerial fireworks.
  10. Use buckets full of sand or dirt to safely place your Roman candles and bottle rockets.
  11. Shoot your show to music that is upbeat and fits your audience.
  12. Be ready to light the next item when the previous one finishes to avoid delays.

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