Frequently asked Questions

Q: What makes a good fireworks show?

A: No matter what your budget, a good fireworks display is one with variety. Begin with a sampling from each category. Start the show small and then build up with a few ground level fountains, spinners, crackers and wheels. Then, add some small rockets, roman candles and winged items. For the finale, use your multi-cake shots or a large barrage. Whatever your budget, a good rule of thumb is to start small, grow to a crescendo, & finish BIG!

Q: How can I tell how a firework will perform?

A: At, Stateline, we want you to be informed about your purchases so we proudly offer the following:

  • In-store DVDs show product performance.
  • Many items have QR codes for smart phone users to view the item video on their own phone.
  • Stateline is staffed by certifiable pyromaniacs. We love to shoot fireworks, talk fireworks, and help our customers in every step of creating a phenomenal fireworks show.
Q: Does Stateline Fireworks run any special deals?


  • Many buy one get one free items.
  • Deal of the week
  • Early season markdown and close-outs
Q: What is the safest place to shoot fireworks?

A: First, make certain it is legal to shoot fireworks at your location. In general, a wide open area, without trees, houses, or any combustible material nearby. See our safety page for more information. 

Q: Do you sell M-80’s or Cherry bombs?

A: No. They have been federally outlawed since 1966. They are classified as explosives as they may have as much as 140 times the explosive powder of a firecracker.

Q: Do you have buy-1-get-1-free deals?

A: Yes, just stop by one of our locations to check them out.

Q: Where is your nearest store to me?

A:  Visit our Locations page.

Q: How old do I have to be to buy fireworks?

A: You must be 18 or older. If you even look close to 18, you should bring your ID.

Q: Is the brand of fireworks important?

A: Yes, absolutely. We view hundreds if not thousands of fireworks every year. And there is a HUGE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCE between name brand and generic fireworks. Fireworks quality and performance is our #1 priority. We only select the best items, from the best factories in the fireworks industry including: Black Cat, World Class, Pyro Force, Cutting Edge, and more!

Q: Are the fireworks at Stateline guaranteed?

A: Yes. If you have a firework that did not work properly, bring it back to us and see how we stand behind our product 100%.

Q: Are sparklers safe for kids?

A: Only under close adult supervision. Sparklers can burn as hot as 2000 degrees. They are definitely not something to give to kids without proper parental control. Wood stick sparklers (morning glories) are better for little ones as they do not have the metal stick that gets hot.

Q: Are the assortment packs a good deal?

A: Yes! You will save money by buying an assortment pack. We have assembled several at popular price-points that will save you time, money, and put on a great show for any budget!

Q: What are artillery shells?

A: Also called mortars or reloadables. They are purchased in a box that includes: Tubes for launching and multiple ball or cylinder shaped shells to “load” in the tube. Reuse the tube for the next shell and enjoy. If you want color in the sky, Artillery shells are the best value in the store.

Q: What should I use to light my fireworks?

A: It is best to use a Punk Igniter, Barbeque Lighter, or a Road Flare to light your fireworks. Matches and lighters can be hard to light in the wind and are difficult to hold giving you a powder burn!

Q: Do you sell punks?

A: No. We give you them free with purchase. They burn slowly and are still the safest way to light your fireworks.

Q: How long can I store fireworks before using?

A: If you keep them in a dry place, they should be good for several years. For ideal storage, keep your fireworks in a non-humid environment with a fairly consistent temperature, stored in a cardboard box. Do not store fireworks in a sealed plastic cooler or tub: these may prevent air circulation and may cause condensation. This way, you can save your leftover fireworks for Labor Day or New Year’s!

Q: Am I allowed to shoot fireworks where I live?

A: It depends.

  • Indiana: Legal to shoot throughout the state provided you have permission from the landowner, but some localities (including Evansville) limits shooting fireworks to the dates surrounding Independence Day, Labor Day, New Year’s and Memorial Day, and bans them the rest of the year.
  • Illinois: varies area to area.
  • Kentucky: mostly allowed but restrictions on how close you can be to other people and objects. Locally they can outlaw.

****check with authorities to make sure in your area.