Company History

Since before man can remember, there have been fireworks sold at the corner of Waterworks Road and Highway 41. Someone was always there setting up a fireworks stand by the old filling station just in time to celebrate the Fourth. In 1982, Randy McClaskey started working at the fireworks stand and, a few years later, bought the property and made it his own. His motto was always, “Treat ‘em right and they’ll come back.” That was how Stateline Fireworks came to be.

In 1986, a friend of Randy’s daughter, David, started working at Stateline when he was just 16. As a teenager, Dave Barancik worked every summer until he graduated from college and became a full time employee and a full-time family member marrying Randy’s daughter in 1994.

In 2000, Randy built the current Stateline Fireworks building and in 2001 Dave became a partner in the business. Dave bought the business in 2005 and together with his wife Stacy and two daughters, they carry on Randy’s tradition of “Treat ‘em right and they’ll come back.” In 2010, Dave expanded to include a location in Griffin, Indiana, on Interstate 64 near the Illinois stateline.

The Stateline Experience

Visit one of our three locations and see our huge selection including everything from the traditional sparkler all the way up to a massive array of artillery shells and the latest, highest flying, ground shaking 500 Gram Finales. We have everything imaginable for the most experienced fireworks enthusiast, plus the expertise to help the budding fireworks novice become a full fledge fireworks fanatic. Plus, our educated staff is always on hand to answer questions and offer suggestions. One look and you’ll know why the Stateline experience outshines the competition.